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Who is that Woman You See in the Mirror?

Do You Recognize Her?

I’m Sarah Finney, your coach and support sister helping you navigate the ups and downs of figuring out who that woman is that stares back at you from the mirror each day.

Turning 40 was a game changer for me, but hitting the big 5-0 threw me for a loop. Suddenly I knew that I could not pull off looking like I was in my 30’s anymore. Overnight I seemed to develop more lines in my face and the battle to hide my roots was at an all-time high. No amount of moisturizing seemed to help.

Add in the fun of peri-menopause, having a body that seemed to have a mind of its own and I could not recognize myself anymore. I was having an identity crisis.

Sound familiar?

I was feeling the pressure of ageism in my corporate job. the 20-somethings were in similar jobs as me and I watched how they were being promoted and supported in a way I was not. The effects of being minimized and not viewed as relevant in the job I knew inside and out felt awful. Suddenly my knowledge and expertise were not my superpowers anymore.

I was feeling confused, unsupported, devalued, afraid and it was awful. I started to question myself, felt my confidence disappear and was living under a cloud of self-doubt and fear of what was to come for me.

Opening magazines certainly did not help – I found myself tossing away the ones I had read for years because they just did not speak to me anymore and I was tired of seeing how “AGING” was becoming the topic du jour, and how it was more about how you looked and what you were wearing. At the same time, I could not even contemplate reading magazines for the 50+ audience.

Was that really what I was faced with now? How in the heck did this happen?

I still feel like I am in my 20’s.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see how you can become more comfortable with yourself at a new age and I am all for embracing what makes you feel amazing about yourself. What I do have an issue with is how little there is out there to help the women who woke up one day and suddenly realized that they were on the other side of 50 and had trouble recognizing themselves.

Women’s lives are undergoing massive upheaval and they feel afraid of what this next phase of life will be like for them. They may cringe at the thought of following in their mother’s or grandmother’s footsteps when it comes right down to it. There has to be more to life than fading into the background like the ancestors who came before us.

No amount of face cream, fillers, or style guides can help you sort through the amount of emotional crap that comes up once you hit a certain age, am I right?

This has been a journey for me and I am well on my way to loving this new version of myself and I want to teach you how to make the necessary moves to reconnect with what makes You, You by learning how to love who you are becoming which will give you the confidence to move ahead and live your best life.

How I can Help You


I have spent the last number of years coaching women, helping them embrace who they really are on the inside. I am a Certified Life Coach and I have personally experienced how it feels to suddenly not feel like yourself anymore and lack the passion you once had.

I have worked out how to flip all of that around and get back to feeling like Me – a woman with a sense of purpose, love of life and I embrace who I am now as a woman of substance.

I know how it feels:

  • to be an afterthought in your own life because you have been busy supporting and doing for everyone else in your life
  • to not want to look in the mirror because you don’t like what you see
  • to suddenly have a muffin top and now nothing fits you
  • to feel like you are hiding and not wanting to be seen
  • to be self-conscious and afraid
  • to be minimized at work and try to hide your age because you don’t seem to “fit in”
  • to feel unsure of yourself and the confidence you once had has disappeared
  • to worry about the fact that you are now facing the last half of your life and you hope that it doesn’t look like what your mom and grandma went through because back-combing your hair, wearing “tender-tootsie” shoes, polyester pants and fading into the background isn’t going to cut it
  • to wonder if this is “it” for you, or is there something more you can do to be more engaged in your life and enjoy all that is to come
  • to want more for yourself – and to feel a deep sense of personal fulfillment because you are embracing a new time in your life

I can teach you how to get through to the other side of all of that – to become reacquainted with what makes you so special, what makes you uniquely you and to regain your confidence and have a more positive outlook on the life you have ahead of you.

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I love working with women like you...

because I know what it feels like to struggle with not being able to recognize myself once I hit 50 – and to be honest, this actually started at  40 for me.

I wished that I had someone that could help me sort through it all and I was desperate to feel “like me” again. I found a way to take on those struggles, found solutions to help me and I moved past them, but I did not do it randomly.

I figured out a way to reconnect to myself so that I was back in control of how I wanted to show up in the world at this age and beyond. I figured out how to love this new phase of my life, enjoy what is in store for me and I am happier now than I have ever been.

I still look at myself and see how I have changed, but I recognize who I am and where I want to go. That woman is very familiar to me now and I think she is pretty fabulous.

I am thrilled to have figured this out and I feel honored that I can help you do the same.

Working with me is easy

I like to connect over the phone – it is more convenient for both of us and I can work with anyone from anywhere. It is confidential and you can be comfortable at home, sharing your thoughts and I share mine without feeling like we are staring at each other.

I also do email check-ins to stay connected to you while you are doing your work to see how you are and to help you work through any challenges or questions that have come up. I think it is important to stay connected to you in this way to help you navigate what may come up for you.

Are you interested to learn more?

I invite you to have a Mini-Session with me so you can try it out. In this mini-session, we talk for 20-30 minutes and get a chance to get to know each other a bit to see if we are a good fit.  You and I will talk about what is going on with you and I’ll tell you about how you can work long term with me.

You can read more and sign up for a mini-session below.

I am really looking forward to teaching you reconnect to yourself and help you embrace this new phase of your life. It truly is wonderful to get past what holds us back and love the woman that we are becoming.

** Full Disclosure – I don’t have any professional photos of myself on my site anymore, because I am all about embracing my grey which is growing out – so what you see is me in transition to full-on gorgeous grey hair and once I am totally there, I’ll make that investment in new pictures!

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