Time for a reset

For about a year I have been plagued with my iPad freezing at the most inopportune times – like when I want to read a book, or I’m mindlessly scrolling through my feed and wanting to see “what’s new” with the peeps in my various social media groups. That “freeze” has...

Microagressions and where I stand on #metoo

Microaggressions Specifically, microaggressions against women and by that, I mean those seemingly “simple” statements, actions or touches made by men that often get filed away by the women they are inflicted upon. Given the amount of press these days putting the...

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

For a long-time I held on. I held onto stories that I was telling myself for years – stories that I created for myself – based on what I was told my life should be like by other people, or beliefs that I had absorbed by watching and learning from others...

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