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I'll get to this later ⋆ Sarah Finney Coaching
From the archives 🙂

Unbelievable. Almost 1 year has passed since my last blog post. Literally almost 12 months and here I was thinking that writing blogs would be something effortless and easy for me to do and focus on and yet, here we are.

So why? That is the ultimate question. Is it a lack of things to write about, or just an acute case of procrastination? I think the latter.  I am the unsworn Queen of Procrastination. I do not know where it manifests from, but it is something I want to change.

It is like the fear of starting – the what if’s, the whyfores and whatever else I can direct my focus on takes over instead of letting me tackle the project at hand. When I look at it objectively, I can see that the fear of starting is directly related to the fear of finishing and putting out there whatever it is that I am creating at the time. And getting judged by the masses.

Because that is what we all do – we create, and not necessarily in an artsy form as creativity is usually defined, but in everything we do on a day-to-day basis and like it or not, we get judged by what we create. Oh, and dare I say it… we also judge (ourselves, and others).

All of my life I have wanted to ensure that I bypass all forms of critique. I want to do well, but I don’t want to hear another’s opinion on how I could have done things differently (usually just their perception of how they would have done it.) How I do things is how I want to do them. I really don’t need or want unasked for feedback.  If I ask you, then bring it on.  If I don’t ask, then best bet is to keep your opinion to yourself.  What this does not mean is that I don’t want to engage in a good dialogue, but I would rather you enable me to make my own choices and learn from any mistakes I may make.  The road to success is littered with failures.  Just look at the history of Edison inventing the light bulb.

Unasked for or unsolicited advice leads to a visceral response on my part. I start to question the very nature of what I am embarking on, doing, creating at the time and start to re-evaluate my motives and opinions, but based on someone else’s perceptions, which are not necessarily my own. Maybe I don’t want you to add any colour to my artwork. Suddenly what I set out to create is no longer my own. Not an ideal situation.

Here is what I am teaching myself on a daily basis now.  Quoting Deepak Chopra, “What other people think of you is none of your business.”  I love this quote. Talk about a life changing thought. What if you just did what you wanted to do – throwing all caution to the wind and just let it all hang out and not care about what other people think about what you are up to.

This is not to say we should push out thoughts or commentary that go against humanity, but to take those risks, at a personal level – to write the blog post that may give people insights into your own vulnerabilities – and to know, that on some level, the people reading the post can directly relate to what you are saying at some level.

Here is what I know.

The longer your wait to get moving on something the more your mind can find additional reasons why you should wait, and none of those reasons are good ones. The thing to remember is once you get started, it usually ends up being easier than your little brain would like you to think it will be.

Lesson learned. A great deal of satisfaction comes from the completion of a project you have set out to do. Knowing that you have tackled a project, infused it with your creativity and have finished what you set out to do is empowering.

So don’t wait. Just get at ‘er.

You’ll feel great…..

Today I am not holed up in my house, ensconced in my space, reveling in solitude. I stepped out, even in the ridiculous heat of the summer – upwards of 40 degrees with humidity – and am happily sitting outside at Starbucks, cold drink in hand – writing.

Today was the day – because I have been thinking about writing again for a long time and it was time to just do it. Time to get on with it, and thus the post is born.

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