Procrastination was taking over my life

Procrastination is easier than just “doing the thing”.

I have been procrastinating on writing this blog – mainly because I was not so sure what to write about this time around. Usually, the words flow easily, but for some reason, I was procrastinating even opening up a new document to even Start the writing process

But now, I have started and funnily enough, the words are starting to flow. And I wonder if anyone else has a challenge with just “doing the thing.” How does procrastination show up in your life? Here is how it shows up for me

As I build my business from the ground up – there are so many different things I could do to get my business “out there” for people to find, and I find myself looking at this laundry list of things to do and I feel overwhelmed by it all. Queue procrastination!

There are shiny objects everywhere, pulling my attention to them because doing “that” would be better than doing “this” right? Before I know it I am down the rabbit hole of mindless scrolling through a social media feed, looking at what other people are doing and wondering why I don’t have the gumption to just get at it.

How to recognize when procrastination is leading you astray

1.     Good old fear. If I “do the thing” I might fail. Or, maybe I would be successful and there is a different kind of fear around that. Each time we fail, we get closer to succeeding.   Yikes – there is fear of being successful. If I am successful, what would my life look like? It’s scary to put oneself out there for all to see, so it is easier to do something else (aka procrastination) than “do that thing” and then deal with the aftermath or failing or being successful

2.      Someone else is doing it better than me. Geeze… this is a biggie. There are many people out there who are doing a lot and who “seem” to be wildly successful. This can hit my confidence level, because “surely” they have it all figured out and I don’t. What will people think? So I better not “do the thing” in case I look like an imposter. The secret is this – those beautifully curated social media feeds are a big, ole hunk of hooey. It is all a show and tells and we fall for it everytime we find ourselves in the mindless scroll. Before you know it you are busy comparing yourself to everyone else and BOOM you are caught up in procrastination.

3.      FOMO (fear of missing out) Oh the Shiny Objects that cross our paths are quite destructive to “doing the thing”.There are so many “courses” that I could take that will have the answer to my burning questions. The “blueprints” for success. It feels better to sign up for them and learn the secret to success to avoid “doing the things” I am meant to be doing. Yup fear of missing out on the next “best” thing leads me down the path of procrastination once again

4.      How am I different from everyone else? This one struck me for a long time. Why would anyone want to listen to me when there are many other people out there doing similar things. How would I stand out?  Being in this headspace is just another form of procrastination. What I do know is this- there is only one me, and I have an opinion and perspective on life and all things that are associated with it that are driven by my own experiences, thus different from everyone else

If any of this sounds familiar, don’t sweat it.  You are not alone and neither am I. So what can you do about it

How to avoid the trap of Procrastination


1.      Making a conscious effort to “stop the mindless scroll” by limiting my time on social to twice a day. This way I stop comparing myself to others, and I don’t get caught up in the shiny object that has just crossed my field of vision and allows me to focus on the task at hand

2.       Whenever I start to feel overwhelmed, anxious, afraid or I get stuck in comparisonitis, I stop whatever I am doing and I tap into myself to see what is really going on. I am learning to feel the feelings and have found that by doing that and letting the feeling flow through me instead of not numbing it out, it seems to dissipate.

3.       Bring more ease to my life. I am “doing the things” and it is really hard sometimes to keep at it. So, I put a plan in place to give myself time to also do what fills me up (hiking, yoga, reading, cooking a fab meal). The point here is to not become so entrenched in work-related stuff that I get so tired and mentally drained that I can’t “do the thing” to the best of my ability. That stops me from procrastinating on it because I can come to it with more energy and will be more interested in it because I have looked after myself first

4.       When I feel stuck or the temptation to avoid “doing the thing” strikes, I step away from the crazy and allow myself time to breathe. Sometimes all it takes is a little dance party to shake up the energy and get me flowing again. Plus it’s fun and I think we can all use a little more fun in our lives right?

5. Just do the thing. We spend more time avoiding the task and worrying about it so that it stresses us out. Sometimes it is better to take the first step to get yourself going and you may realize that the task was not as difficult as you thought it would be.

And here it is.  The blog is complete and I can go about my day knowing that I dug in, “did the thing” and I am better for it

Now I am off to have a lovely shower and have a “mini’ spa experience to make me feel relaxed and back in-tune with myself.


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