Do You Recognize the Woman in the Mirror?

It happened suddenly. You looked in the mirror and the woman looking back at you did not look like you

It was a shock.

You know it is you, but the woman you are seeing is not how you picture yourself.

In fact, you are not sure who this woman is at all.

You are not in your 30’s anymore. You have noticed how your body is changing, you look and feel different and now that you are older you wonder what’s next for you.

You used to feel confident, but now you want to hide. You are tired and mentally exhausted. You are uncomfortable and cover yourself up with lotions and potions, hair colour and baggy clothing so people won’t see how you have changed.

You don’t want to see it either.

Perimenopause has kicked in. Your hormones are all over the place. Your nest may be emptying. Your work life feels different.

You are a smart woman who is feeling self-conscious and unsure of herself which is unsettling and frustrating, to say the least.

You want more for yourself than what your mother or grandmother had in their later years.

You want to live a fully engaged life – to feel vibrant, confident and sure of who you are and the path you are on. You want to be fully present and excited about what is to come without the worry about how you are seen in the world.

If this sounds like you, I have a solution.

I can give you a few tips in a 30-minute call that will have you thinking and seeing yourself differently and it will start you down the road to getting exactly what you want for yourself.

You can start to make subtle adjustments right away and the cycle of unhappiness, frustration and wondering what is wrong with you will let-up, enabling you to reconnect to yourself and start to embrace this new phase of your life in a more positive way.

How this works

We hop on a call and we talk for about 30 minutes. We will chat about what is going on with you and I give you some ideas on how you can look at things differently. We will look at some real-life examples of what is going on with you and tweak the way you think about them so you can stop feeling so powerless and more in control.

I’ll also tell you about how you and I can work together long term to bring even more positive shifts to your life.

You will start to recognize the negative way you may see yourself and how that impacts your ability to make changes. This new awareness will enable you to think more consciously about how you want to show up for yourself and that is a game changer.

By changing your thoughts, you can change how you feel and how you act which will make you happier and ready to face the world.

It’s easy to get started

All you need to do is click HERE and you will be taken to my online scheduling system. Choose the time zone you are in, a date/time that works for you for a call, fill in your contact information and answer the questions on the form which gives me a sense of what your challenges are.

Then we hop on the call and we talk about what is going on for you. I’ll give you some tips you can start to apply right away and then I’ll tell you how we can work together for a longer term.

After our mini-session, you can start applying what I teach you. Over the next few days, you will become more aware of how the way you think directly impacts how you feel, the actions you take and you will make the adjustments you need to start to become reconnected to what makes you feel like You!

You will feel happier, more connected to yourself and will start to see how you can move forward and embrace this next phase of your life more confident and sure of yourself as the amazing woman that you are – the one that you recognize in the mirror each and every day.

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Finding one’s true self takes a lot of courage. It often means coming face to face with the “known” truths that we are uncomfortable accepting, sharing or admitting.

Sarah’s talents lie within her natural ability to listen, reflect and inspire you to explore your happiness. She connects with you on a human level and allows you to define your own journey in a “safe” environment, where you are encouraged to think out loud.

Sarah’s guidance is for those that are willing to venture outside the box and open yourself up to a world of possibilities. IT will motivate, inspire and in many instances, revive a part of you that has remained dormant. Nikki Wallace

Toronto, ON

 Coaching with Sarah brought a breath of fresh air into my stale life. There were several areas of my life that I struggled with and Sarah’s technique not only made me feel comfortable and listened to, but provided me with an outsider’s perspective on how to see what was going on in the inside.

Throughout our coaching, I gained deeper insights into the “why” behind my actions, brought clarity to the path I truly envisioned for my life and allowed me to see I was worth the effort to go after the things I wanted. Deanna Burger

Toronto, ON

Sarah is a truly gifted coach. When we first started working together I was unhappy at my job but I had no direction or clear desire for what I would rather be doing.

From our first session, Sarah brought a calming presence that allowed space for me to listen to the voice inside that I had been silencing for so long.

She is deeply intuitive and used this powerful skill to draw the deepest truths from me. Her coaching is the perfect blend of spiritual and practical, with a healthy dose of humour! Mallory Wisong

New York, NY

Sign Up for Your Mini-Session

It’s quick and easy to set up a Mini-Session with me.

Just click the box below!

Frequently Asked Questions

I don’t have time to jump on a call with you – can’t I just read something?

Feel free to read my blog and join my mailing list where you will receive my newsletter twice a month and emails here and there on topics I think would be of interest to my subscribers. You can also join me in my Facebook Group, The Heart of Possibilities, where you can see more of me in action and be part of a group of like-minded women. I am also on Instagram @sarahfinneycoaching where I post fairly regularly. What I do in the mini session is not something I write about, but it can give you a sense of who I am and the values I hold dear.

I don’t feel comfortable talking to you about what is happening to me.

I know how you feel – I used to feel the same way. The changes I was going through were not something I wanted to draw any attention to, let alone discuss with people close to me. When we don’t look at what is going on with us, we start to suppress our emotions with overeating, overdrinking, overbuying and numbing out in front of the TV or mindlessly scrolling through social media feeds, and that is not a healthy way to go through our lives.

If you want to feel more like yourself – you want to know who you are, be more conscious and get reconnected to your passion, a 30-minute call with me is a quick way to start to do that.

What you tell me is 100% confidential. I want you to feel more connected to yourself – I want to help you do that and nothing you tell me will be judged or criticized. I am here to support you and help you lead your best life.

I’m worried that you will try to push your program on me. I don’t want a sales pitch.

By setting up and having a mini-session with me, you are making a commitment to yourself to be curious to see how you could change the way you are viewing yourself and your life as you know it now.

Part of the exchange of our time together is for me to provide you with some tricks to teach you how to do that and for you to allow me to explain how I could help you even more.

My intention is not to “push” anyone to do something they don’t feel called to explore. That would be out of integrity and uncomfortable for me.

There is no obligation for you to sign up for anything during our call together.

What if I can’t do what you suggest? I’ve tried other things and they have not worked for me, so why bother with this?

I believe that the tips I provide are truly beneficial to whoever applies them. Have you really given yourself a chance to allow the other things you have done to work?

Facing the reasons why you do the things you do can be difficult. It is easy to give up when it feels hard and uncomfortable because we fear to go deeper and sorting through what is really going on.

The benefit to trying this is that you are putting faith back in yourself and not putting faith in the fear that talks you out of doing hard things.

Sometimes all we need is a new awareness of ourselves to help us move through the hard stuff and I can help you do exactly that.

I have friends and family I can talk to. How is talking to you going to be better than talking to them?

If you have friends and family that you are comfortable talking to about how you are feeling, that is awesome as long as they are supportive of you and do not try to push their feelings about your situation onto you in a way that does not support you.

I find that talking to friends and family is a great way to vent about something that is going on for me, but it does not help me figure out how it is affecting me more deeply.

The benefit of talking to me is that I can shed some light on why you may feel the way you do by asking you some questions that require you to think about your situation in a different way. My clients find that this kind of introspection is not something they have been able to do themselves, and often get a deep “aha” that suddenly makes everything clearer and that opens up all sorts of opportunities for them.

I create a safe space for you to explore how you feel and I don’t pass any judgment on anything you tell me. You can tell me what you may not be able to tell your friends and family and it will be kept confidential. Together we figure out a solution to help you reconnect with yourself and find the passion inside you.



I’m sure I can figure this out on my own. I don’t need to talk to you.

If you thought you could figure this out on your own, you would have done so already and you would have stopped reading at the first sentence at the top of this page (and I say that with love and respect for you). I have often thought the same thing and I have figured out a lot of things for myself and so have you.

If you have read this far, you are curious and want to know more because you have not been able to figure it out on your own.

You are a smart woman, but being smart does not always get us to the root cause of our problem. I am here to help you break through patterns and beliefs that you may not even be aware you have so that you can reconcile them in your mind and put them to rest and move forward with your life.

Is this a weight loss program?

No, it is not. You may lose weight once you work through some of your blocks because you stop emotional eating, but that is not the main focus of my work.

What you lose is how you negatively view yourself and what you gain is a renewed sense of confidence.

I don’t think one short call is enough to change anything.

I used to think that way until I experienced coaching and in a short call I completely changed the way I thought about an issue that had been holding me back for months and it changed my life.

One call won’t solve your problems, but it is a catalyst to get you thinking about things differently and that is a win for you.

I don’t need therapy.

Awesome! That is definitely not what coaching is, so you can rest easy. We won’t be delving into your past and we will only focus on the future and what you want for yourself.

Coaching feels self-indulgent. I am not sure I can make the time to do this because I have to help everyone else in my life.

Coaching is about caring for yourself. How can you be there to fully support everyone else in your life if you don’t make the time to take care of you?

When we prioritize ourselves last and spend our time people-pleasing, we end up resenting everything and everyone. Learning how to put yourself first is not self-indulgent. It is empowering you to be able to be more present and confident in yourself, which will have a positive ripple effect on your relationships and how you live your life.

I have so much going on in my life right now, I can’t really add anything else to my schedule.

That is totally cool. I’ll still be here when your schedule changes and you can make the time for yourself.

I’m not 50+ years old.  Can I still work with you?

Absolutely!  I work with lots of women of all ages and would love to work with you too.

I just don’t know. This feels scary to me.

I hear you and yes, when we start to examine how we perceive things, it can be scary because we are challenging what we have believed for a long time.

I can tell you that making any change in your life is going to feel uncomfortable and my job is to help you manage the discomfort you feel by being there to support you along the way.

Ask yourself this. What is on the other side of the fear you feel?  If you were not afraid, what would you do?

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It’s quick and easy to set up a Mini-Session with me.

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