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Now let me help you find yourself

I'm Sarah Finney

I work with frustrated career women who are  suffering from midlife malaise

You know who you are. You woke up one morning and realized that:

You did not recognize that woman in the mirror.

You have been busy helping out everyone else in your life but you have not taken the time to look after you.

You have become an afterthought in your own life and now you feel stuck.

You are a smart, proud woman who has accomplished a lot, but you wonder what is next for you.


You want more for your life, but you are not sure what “more” means right now.


In fact, you are so used to doing and being for everyone else, you are not sure who You are anymore and that feels awful. You are in a funk.

You want to shake off this Midlife Malaise, but you are not sure how.

I have been where you are and I’m here to help.

My mission is to help women reconnect with who they are on the inside. The woman without the masks – the one who has dreams and goals for herself – the one who is frustrated and confused about how she feels about her age and what it means for her future.

The woman who wants to find her “spark” again – feel fully connected to herself, what drives her, and know what makes her feel happy and content.


The best and most fulfilling relationship you can have is the relationship you have with Yourself – so it’s time to get to know and reconnect with that woman in the mirror.

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Sarah’s guidance is for those that are willing to venture outside of the box and open yourself up to a world of possibilities.

It will motivate, inspire and in many instances, revive a part of you that has remained dormant. Nikki Wallace

Toronto, ON

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15 Tips to Shake Off Midlife Malaise

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